New Photos

Jen K sent me a ton of photos from Beltaine 2008.  Several of them can be viewed on the Muin Mound website!  Just click on “Into the Grove” on the menu, then select “Grove Photos.”  I did not post all of them because there were *many* and some were very similar.  I chose what I felt to be the best.  I also have a few that need to be edited so they are vertical.  I’ll try to do that soon because there are some lovely shots of the finished Maypole.

If anyone is concerned about their photo(s) being on the website, please email me privately (link at left) and let me know which photo.  I can either remove the photo or edit it so your face is blurred out.

As always, if you have anything you’d like to share on the Grove blog, please email me!



Grey Catsidhe


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