ADF Elections

In case you don’t follow the discussion list, member Francesca had this to say:

As of 03/15/11 there were 1260 Current members of ADF 

As of 03/16/11 10:00:01, 279 members have voted online.

That makes 22 % of the membership as participating in the election. I
know this is election is on the quieter off year of major positions,,
but do you think people forget or don’t care?

With less than a month till the deadline of April 10th, how do we get
more participation? (age old question)
A quarter of the membership is 315 so we need at least 36 more people to vote.
A third of the membership is 420 (141 votes needed)
and 50% is 630 or 351 more members participating.

Since most groves are having high day rites shortly, do you think
among the conversations people can be reminded to vote?
Any other suggestions?


So, members of Muin Mound: did you vote in the election?  If not, make sure you do!  Voting online is easy and it’s an investment in our community’s future.  It just takes a few minutes!


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