Book Club Updates and Questions

For those of you out-of-the-know, several grove members have agreed to try starting a book club.  Our first selection is Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish by Morgan Llywelyn.  Candee asked an excellent question in reply to my last post about the book club – how will we go about this?

What does everyone think?  There’s no reason why we couldn’t discuss the reading on the blog, in my opinion.  There is at least one person who may only be able to participate on the blog anyway.  In addition, I’d really like book discussions to help us keep in touch between High Days.  We should try to keep spoilers out of our discussions until everyone interested finishes, of course.  Does everyone think they could finish by Beltaine?  Do you want to split the reading up?  Personally, I think the final discussion of  Bard should take place at a grove meeting after business is completed.  It could be a sort of culminating activity for a majority of the grove to take part in.

Some things to keep in mind while you’re reading –

How does the story compare to your understanding of the lore?

Does this story inspire your spiritual practices?

Do you think the author handled this ancient story respectfully?

I just started the novel a couple days ago and I really like it so far.  I can really sympathize with Amergin in the beginning as I often felt like a quiet outsider in school.  I’m curious how many of you have read Amergin’s famous invocation of Ireland?  It’s so beautiful and I’m curious to know how the story will progress to get Amergin to that point.

Ok gang.  Let’s discuss.  🙂


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  1. Jen Koagel said,

    April 5, 2011 at 9:05 am

    After I read the first few pages I realized I have read it before, but its been a number of years anyway. Yes I have read that invocation. Its in Peter Berresford Ellis’ “The Druids” on pg72 if anyone has that text. Without giving too much away and hopefully I’m remembing correctly since so far I’ve only reread the first 2 chapters the book gives insight to how Druids could use their authority both positively to help the people and negatively. I think that character may deviate from the lore though.

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