Muin Mound Grove Gift Registry for Lughnasadh

As many of you know we will be having a birthday party themed service for Lughnasadh to celebrate our grove’s 21st anniversary. We sat down and developed the following list of ritual supplies the grove routinely requires. In addition we have included items that the Ellison family tends to supply that the rest of us often take for granted. We ask that people sign up for specific items the way you would in a gift registry. However for most items is ok if we get mutiples, they will eventually get used.
Olive oil, tobacco (Candee), cornmeal, ale (the good stuff) (Sharon), herbs (Candee), votives (Jen K), fire pot, bug spray, soda, rolled oats, small whiskey bottles, insence sticks, small insence sticks (Willow), bird seed w/bucket & lid, long handled lighters, old sheets, and silver.

Druid Scouts

Druid Scouts will not meet this week.  We will meet during the weekend of the Folk vigil.

Community Service?

I forgot to bring it up at the business meeting but I have been thinking about the grove and community service.  I know that we collect food for the food pantry.  That’s good and we should continue with that.  However it seems like we could be doing more to contribute to our community.  I know many grove members are not local to the Syracuse area.  I’m not quite sure what kind of thing we could do that everyone could participate in given the distances involved.  Perhaps we could have people come for the whole weekend and work on a project of some sort.  I know last month St Marie among the Iraqois had a clean up day.  Maybe something similar to that?  Just something to think about.

– Jen K