Lughnasadh Games Results

As part of our Lughnasadh festivities, we held our traditional games.  This year, the games were more physical and included such activities as racing, stone put, caber tossing, balancing, dancing,  and a lawn game from Sweden called Kubb.

The competition was fierce and everyone performed valiantly.  In the end, the winters of the games were:

  1. Weretoad
  2. Brian
  3. Dragonfly and Abby
Huzzah to each of our heroes!
The overall champion, Weretoad, gave his prize, the champion’s wreath, to the fires in honor of Lugh.

Some Spring Equinox Photos

Here’s a slide show of some photos my husband took at our last meeting.  I also added it to our website under “Into the Grove” and “Grove Photos.”  I promise I’ll add business meeting minutes soon!