Female Vikings

A couple meetings ago, we had a brief discussion on women in Celtic society.  I’ve been very interested in updating my understanding of the subject since.  Today I saw this post in “The Mary Sue” about Viking women.  The author doesn’t link to the research/findings she references, though.  I thought some of you would enjoy it.

So, if anyone has any good, recent articles about women in IE cultures, share some links below!



Grey Catsidhe

Book Club – Another Option

Brian suggested dividing the book into thirds.  In other words, we would discuss the book three times and be expected to read 12 chapters for each meeting. It’s a good suggestion.  Would that be more doable?  One chapter a meeting is too little and it seems the whole book is too much.  Let’s have one more vote.  I want to find a good compromise!  This poll is opened for a week.

Book Club

Our meeting/Beltaine celebration is quickly approaching and we need to decide upon what’s expected of everyone interested in the Book Club.  I posted a poll last week and gave everyone a week to choose how much of the book should be read by our next meeting.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t exactly helped as we have a three way tie.  Two people want to discuss one chapter per meeting.  Two people want to discuss half of the book for Beltaine and the other half for Summer Solstice.  Two want to finish and discuss the whole book.  Obviously we are all over the place on this one.

Here are my thoughts – One chapter per meeting is just too few considering how often we actually meet.  If there is concern about reading a lengthy novel, perhaps our next selection should be shorter?  Anyway, back to the numbers.  Four out of six want to read/discuss more than one chapter so, clearly, the “one chapters” group is the minority.  The real trouble lies with the other two possibilities.  I will be open and say that I voted to discuss the whole book.  That said, I am  fine compromising and discussing half.  I don’t know who else voted for discussing the whole novel, but I am hoping this is an acceptable proposal.  We really need to have this set in stone so that people know how much to read.  As the facilitator of this activity, I’m going to have to be the bad guy to make sure everything is organized and everyone is on the same page.  So let’s plan to read 18 chapters of Bard and discuss them after the Beltaine business meeting.  To those unable to read all 18 chapters in time, I can’t promise that spoilers won’t be discussed.  That said, continue to read at your own pace and do the best you can.  Nobody will harass you for not finishing the selection.  People get busy and I think we all understand that.

I hope this works!

Muin Mound Book Club



At the last meeting, I brought up an idea I had: starting a very informal book club within the grove. Why? I don’t know if I articulated it very well or not, but I wanted us to have something to do/discuss between meetings with my grovies. There were some favorable comments on it, and the Senior Druid thought I should remind everyone on the blog – just in case there truly is interest!

Jen E suggested Morgan Llywelyn’s Bard. It’s a fantasy novel based on the famous myth of the coming of the Sons of Mil to Ireland. I’ve read Llywelyn’s book about Fin Mac Cool and enjoyed it immensely!

Discussion will occur on this blog and at the next grove meeting – after the business, of course.  Participation is not required, but if you do decide to read it would be nice to hear some of your opinions.  If you don’t have a copy of the book, you can find cheap used copies on Amazon.

Amazon.com: Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish (9780812585155): Morgan Llywelyn: Books.