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Jen K. requested a different image on the homepage as the lightening had more to do with Taranis than Airmid and Miach – the Gods we’ll be honoring for Midsummer.  I suggested a photo of the Airmid doll I made and she thought that sounded great.  I’m happy to share my work as I think the site would benefit from more “homemade” images.

I also noticed that Beltaine’s meeting minutes weren’t loading correctly so I tweaked that.

Soon I’ll be adding our Wellspring meeting minutes and photos!

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Beltaine 2011 Minutes

Beltaine 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

April 30, 2011

Meeting called to order at 5:25 pm.

Members present: Brian, Jen K., Ellie, Candee, Megan, Skip, Sharon, Jen E., Amanda, Mel, and Ron.

Old Business

Syracuse University – Skip presented on ADF Druidism to 15 students and the professor. He reported that it went well. The class would like Muin Mound Grove to perform a ritual at the college. We talked about possibly doing one for Samhain, perhaps on a Sunday. Sharon reminded everyone that we would need to practice a lot. Skip invited the students to celebrate Beltaine with us but nobody showed up.

Tabards – New members who are making tabards need to finish hemming and decorating them. Skip and Sharon think we need to start earlier on a high day to add the iron-on grove logos. It was suggested that we do this activity during the upcoming vigil. Jen E. shared an idea to make the tabbards more adjustable – using grommets at the shoulders. Megan will wait to cut her tabard out until her vigil.

New Folk of the Grove Vigil – Megan and Brian requested to undergo the vigil to become official Folk of the Grove. Everyone decided to start on the Friday before our Midsummer celebration – 7 pm ish on June 17th. Everyone agreed that pizza would be an excellent dinner choice. Mel and Ron, requiring vegetarian cheese, will need a cheese-free pizza and offered to pay for their own.

Druid Scouts – We once more discussed messenger bags as a way for the kids to show off their badges. Jen E. and Skip shared what they had found and the prices. Jen E. found some at a local craft store for $12.99. Skip said he could order some through the ADF store for $8.45. The grove will further explore these options. It was agreed that Druid Scouts could display badges and pins on the strap and front flap. These bags are more practical than other options as they would allow the kids to carry their projects.

Website – Jen K. expressed approval of the changes Mel has made to the website. She says it is easier to view. Mel explained that the CSS updates are taking time but she is glad everyone likes the website.

New Business

Lughnasadh – Inspired by our book club selection, Jen E. waxed poetic about warriors and how she wants to find how she is a warrior. She encouraged others to think about how they are warriors in their own lives. She asked, “How can we develop our ‘warrior skills?'” This was followed by discussion about warrior activities for Lughnasadh. It was decided that further brainstorming could take place on the blog/Facebook/e-lists.

New Festivals – Jen K. reminded everyone that there is a new festival in Eastern Canada on June 10, 11, and 12th. It’s called The Three Rivers Festival. Skip reminded everyone that there’s a brand new festival in Massachusetts. For some reason there isn’t a link on the ADF website. If anyone has more details, please pass them along!

Wellspring – Everyone is excitedly planning for Wellspring! The North East Reagional Druid (NERD) invited us to join the “NERD Herd” in our own camping area in the spirit of fellowship and bonding. A few of us are hoping to join the herd. The Ellisons probably won’t as the RV is much too heavy for the chosen area, and Skip needs to stay by the ADF store. After the meeting, the NERD joined us and mentioned the possibility of chipping in for food. For more information visit Following that, there was a discussion on what to bring as it can get very hot and very cold. Suggestions included warm and cool clothing and an extra tarp.

Next Beltaine – Jen K. noted that the grove will need more ribbon for our 2012 Beltaine celebration.

Midsummer – It was decided that the deities of the rite will be Airmid and Miach, sibling Gods of healing. The main offering will be an “Airmid cloak.” Mel offered to make the cloak. Everyone is encouraged to bring an herb to place on the cloak for offering. Brian agreed to invoke Airmid with a song he wrote for her. We still need to decide on a person to invoke Miach. Brian and Mel both expressed a desire to honor Aine at a future Midsummer rite.

Pursewarden’s Report – Sharon will share this information at a future date.

Meeting closed at 6:50 pm.

Some Spring Equinox Photos

Here’s a slide show of some photos my husband took at our last meeting.  I also added it to our website under “Into the Grove” and “Grove Photos.”  I promise I’ll add business meeting minutes soon!