Website Updates

Some big updates to share with everyone today!  I spent Saturday and this afternoon on the website and I’m excited to report the following changes/additions:

  • After the “Home” link, all other links have been alphabetized.
  • The “About” page consists of two links – one to a FAQ and another to the Story of the Grove.
  • The “Archives” page has been changed.  Links are alphabetical.  I changed some categories.  There’s a yet to be made section for articles and the book club.  The “Chants” and “DP” page have been changed to match the main pages.  I moved “Artisans, Bards, Folk of the Grove, and Warriors” to a “People of Muin Mound Grove” section.  Also there is a yet to be made “Druid Scouts.”  I have to tweak the layout a bit.  There are some minute things annoying me…  I also left room for future additions.
  • I added our social event to the calendar.
  • A new page, “Services” has been added including information about weddings and sainings.  I included a couple photos from my wedding featuring the altar and Skip.  I’ve asked Parallax if she is willing to share a photo from her wedding as well.  If anyone else has a photo of their wedding/handfasting or saining (done by Skip or at the Grove), please send them my way!  I mentioned funerals but I don’t know what to say about those.  This page will be a work in progress, of course.  I look to the rest of you for help in fleshing it out.  I thought it was important for newcomers to see what we can offer in terms of major life events.
  • I’ve saved the best for last – The CafePress link!  Skip sent me the shop he made and you can now access it from our website!   Skip also informed me that $3 of every purchase goes towards Muin Mound Grove.  There are SO many things to buy including organic tees, a tank top, onesies, magnets, totes, sweatshirts, and dog bowls.
Once more, I’d like to request artisans, bards, and warriors to send any examples of their work.  At the moment, I have links to my ADF consignment page and my Deviant Art page, as well as Phoenix’s ADF consignment page.  I know Willow won an award at the Wellspring Artisan competition but I can’t remember the name of the piece or the category.  I have a few honors mentioned under “Bards” but I don’t have any examples.  If you’d like to send in some poetry or music, please do!

Fiddling with the Website. Again!

Good evening, grovies!


FYI, I’ve been playing with the website some more.  A couple people have mentioned to me that the yellow on the website bothered their eyes so I’m going through and changing it to white for now.  White is one of the best colors for websites in terms of simplicity, readability, and color coordination.  I’ve left the menu bar light green and added green accents here and there.  I will continue to tweak it.  I hope this is ok with everyone for now.  In the future, it could be fun to have everyone vote on colors.  As stated at the last meeting, I’m learning more about CSS forms and would like to change the website quite a bit.  That will take some time… Please be patient with me!

I also updated some information about Beltaine (on the front page) and some upcoming festivals (on the event calendar).  As suggested by the Senior Druid, I moved the link for Muin Mound Madness to the “Into the Grove” section as we haven’t held the event for a few years.  It can easily be moved up front should we plan a new one!

Soon to come:

  • Spring Equinox meeting minutes
  • Wellspring 2010 photos
  • Spring Equinox 2011 photos
  • Updated DP, Artisan, and Bardic pages
  • A Druid Scouts page
  • A Book Club page

Ok, I think I’ve delayed bedtime long enough!